Bed Bugs In Plymouth: Signs, Prevention, And Control

bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are some of the most invasive pests found in Massachusetts. If you even come into contact with one bed bug, you risk the chance of having an infestation in your home in the near future. 

At Combat Pest Control, we have spent years researching the best methods to eradicate a bed bug infestation. Our highly-trained Plymouth pest control specialist can help you to find the right solution for your bed bug problem. 

Bed Bug Warning Signs Everyone Ought To Know

Bed bugs have an impressive ability to stay out of sight. These small pests can hide in the deepest crevices of your home and will only come out when they sense that you are not as active, usually when you are asleep. While seeing them crawling around your house or furniture is the best way to tell if you have a bed bug infestation, there are other clues that you can look for as well, which include:

  • Dark, rust-colored stains on your bedding and mattress
  • Small, red, itchy bed bug bites on your skin that will usually form a straight line or zig-zag pattern
  • Discarded skin casings
  • Blood stains on your sheets
  • Bed bug eggs that are white and the size of a pinpoint

If you have bed bugs in your home, you may also notice a strange, musty smell. Bed bugs have a foul-smelling pheromone inside of their feces and urine. The more bed bugs you have in your home, the stronger the smell becomes. 

All The Places Bed Bugs Like To Hide In Your House

Bed bugs are about ¼ of an inch long and have flat bodies that allow them to squeeze into some of the smallest crevices. People often find bed bugs tucked away under their mattresses and furniture cushions. However, their small size allows them to go almost anywhere they want. Some other places where you can find bed bugs include in the joints of furniture and cabinets and even behind your electrical outlets. 

Simple Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs From Catching A Ride Into Your Home

It is unlikely that a bed bug will walk into your home on its own. Usually, they are inadvertently brought into your house by attaching themselves to you and hitching a ride. They are commonly found in public areas with much human activity. Some of the things that you can do to prevent bed bugs from crawling on you or your personal property include:

  1. Keep your clean clothes in a zipped or sealed bag when using a shared laundry facility
  2. Wash your clothes on high heat when returning from vacation
  3. Don't set your luggage, jackets, purses, or other items on the floor when staying at a hotel 
  4. Vacuum your luggage thoroughly after staying away from your home for an extended period

Bed bugs can reproduce quickly. If you have one mated female bed bug in your home, you could have a relentless bed bug infestation in just a matter of weeks. 

The Best Bed Bug Control For Your Plymouth Home

Completely eliminating bed bugs from a home is almost impossible for the average person. Many of the DIY bed bug control treatments are ineffective and expensive. If you want to keep bed bugs out of your Plymouth home for good, give us a call today. At Combat Pest Control, we work diligently to ensure your home is bed bug-free. 

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