Three Signs Of Mouse Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Autumn in the South Shore is beautiful – but it’s also the time you’re most likely to have an issue with mice coming into your home. Dropping temperatures and diminishing food supplies outdoors lead to wild mice seeking safer, more comfortable shelter inside.

Once inside, mice breed very quickly. One female mouse can have more than 30 babies in just one year – and every single one of those babies will grow up to create even more baby mice. You don’t want all of these mice destroying your home. So here are three signs of mouse damage you shouldn’t ignore:

Seeing Mice in the House

Mice are, by nature, shy and secretive creatures. They don’t want to be seen by any animal that could potentially injure them. This definitely includes human beings. If you see a mouse in your house, that’s a sure sign that there are other mice you haven’t seen. It’s not necessarily an infestation, but it is a sign to call in Plymouth pest control.

Dirty Trails Along Baseboards, Windowsills, And Countertops

Mice are always on the move. While they travel only short distances – most mice rely on food sources within twenty-five feet of their home, and they prefer to be closer – they’re constantly walking all over that range. In your house, the most common pathways you’ll see mice using are baseboards, window sills, countertops and backsplashes, and any other structure they can use to gain access to food. These dirty, greasy trails are a combination of dirt and mouse droppings – a real health hazard that can make your family sick.

Damage to Your House & Possessions

As mouse control in Plymouth, we see a lot of items that have been damaged by hungry mice. They love to chew on cardboard boxes to get to the food inside. Mice will also happily chew important papers into nesting material. They poop everywhere they go, which obviously is not great to discover in your clothing, holiday decorations, or other areas of your home. When you see mouse damage to either the structure of your house – they will chew through wallboard and flooring – or to your possessions, it’s time to call for mouse removal services.

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