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Keeping Ladybugs Out Of Your Plymouth Home

Ladybugs are one of those pests that are not really a pest under the right circumstances. In fact, ladybugs can be quite good for your Plymouth property if they are in the right place in the right numbers. They can protect your garden from all kinds of harmful pests, and they even look pretty while they're doing it.

However, when ladybugs invade your home by the thousands, they can become a serious issue. The good news is there are ways to keep them outside where they belong and things you can do if they just won't stay in their place. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Lady Bugs

What are ladybugs?

Ladybugs, also called ladybird beetles, are beetles that are commonly found throughout the United States, including right here in Plymouth. These tiny beetles are almost round and are typically red with black spots, though they can be other colors and come without spots. 

Ladybugs can fly, but you will also often see them crawling up walls and even on ceilings if they get into your home. They typically don't want to be there, however, and you are more likely to find these tiny predators hunting aphids in your garden. 

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Are ladybugs dangerous?

Ladybugs are really only dangerous to the tiny insects they eat. They cannot sting, they don't have any defense mechanisms, and they don't spread disease. This means they are considered a nuisance pest. They are not a danger to humans or their property, as ladybug infestations typically do not do any damage aside from leaving stains and an unpleasant smell. 

Why do I have a ladybug problem?

Most of the time, ladybugs do not want to get into your house; they prefer to stay outside where their prey is. However, the one time that this is not true is during the cold months. Adult ladybugs typically find their way into your house when they are looking for a place to overwinter. They stay hidden until spring, and you typically see them when they are trying to find their way back outside. This is normally how you wind up with hundreds or thousands of ladybugs crawling around inside your house.

Where will I find ladybugs?

If you have ladybugs inside your house, chances are you won't have to look for them. Ladybug infestations usually fill your house with these tiny beetles. They might be crawling on your walls and ceiling, and your windows might be full of individual ladybugs all trying to figure out a way to get back outdoors for the summer. Conversely, you also might see many ladybugs congregating on the outside of your home in the fall trying to get inside. 

How do I get rid of ladybugs?

Getting rid of ladybugs without professional residential and commercial pest control help can be extremely difficult because these little bugs can so easily overwhelm the average homeowner with their sheer numbers. But if you have ladybugs coming out of your home's woodwork, never fear. Combat Pest Control is here!

Our highly trained ladybug exterminators and our fast and effective ladybug elimination methods can help you dig your home out from under the pile of ladybugs invading it and enjoy a summer free from these little beetles. 

How can I prevent ladybugs in the future?

Unlike with most other peststhere aren't many things you can do to avoid attracting ladybugs, as they are attracted to the warmth of your house. This means the best thing you can do to avoid a ladybug infestation is to physically block their entry. To do this: 

  • Seal cracks and holes in the exterior of your home.
  • Make sure window and door screens are free of rips and tears.
  • Install weatherstripping underneath windows and in gaps in door jambs.
  • Block any other potential ladybug entryways. 

Making it physically difficult for ladybugs to get in is the best thing you can do on your own to prevent an infestation. And if you wake up one day to find ladybugs crawling all over your ceiling and walls, don't hesitate to give Plymouth pest control experts at Combat Pest Control a call. 

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