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As a small coastal town in Massachusetts, Scituate can feel like it's a lot further away from urban life than it actually is. Sprawling Boston is just to the north, and most of our state's coastal tourism is within driving distance of our small Plymouth County community. This is why local property owners need to be aware of the pest activity that human development attracts, and why Scituate homeowners and business owners need to take proactive steps to avoid pest problems.

At Combat Pest Control, we help with every step of the pest control process, from early prevention to total removal. We want to keep local properties pest-free, which is why we offer Scituate pest control services and advice on how to avoid pest infestations in the first place. Learn how we can help you, no matter what kind of property you maintain.

Residential Pest Control In Scituate

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People tend to assume pests are only a problem in the summer when the weather is warm and people are outdoors. While it's true that many pest species are most active during the warmer months, it's also important to note that infestations can happen all year long. In fact, lots of pests have more incentive to invade our homes during the fall and winter since they rely more on the warmth and shelter that our structures provide during the colder parts of the year.

If you aren't taking proactive steps to avoid infestations during the seasons when certain pests are more likely to invade your home, you aren't setting yourself up for success when it comes to avoiding the property damage and health problems pests can lead to. That's why you should turn to Combat Pest Control for early preventative treatments and prompt pest elimination services in Scituate.

We can help you deal with pests before they chew through your home or household items and make sure you are protected from the diseases and parasites they may introduce into your living space. Get residential pest control in Scituate that you can count on by turning to Combat Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Scituate

Pests can bring many problems to your Scituate business—ones that cost you money and your reputation. While people tend to assume it's just food service businesses or hospitality establishments like hotels that have to contend with pest problems, the truth is that infestations can happen to any property.

Human activity attracts pests and creates all the byproducts they need to survive, including food, water, and shelter. Once they invade, pests can lead to some serious problems for commercial property owners. Here's why you should take commercial pest control seriously and avoid these issues:

  • Property Damage: Whether it's gnawing rodents, destructive termites, or even just a simple ant problem, pests can lead to property damage that's both cosmetic and structural. Making constant repairs or replacements can seriously eat into your bottom line.
  • Health Issues: Pests are also known to carry diseases and can pose direct threats to people through bites and stings.
  • Fines & Closures: Due to the severity of these issues, local health departments take pest control seriously. If you have pests, they can fine your business or even force you to close down until the problem is addressed.
  • Reputation: In small communities, word of a pest problem can spread quickly and seriously limit the number of customers who are willing to hire your business or frequent your property.

Keep pests out of your Scituate business by turning to the experts at Combat Pest Control today. We can get rid of the pests that threaten your property and even get you started with early prevention so you never have to worry about pest problems popping up when you least expect it. Contact us now, not just when the problems become costly.

Factors That Attract Fleas And Ticks To Your Scituate Yard

Even if you don't have dogs or cats, pests like fleas and ticks can still become a problem in and around your home. These tiny parasites are hitchhikers, clinging to people, clothing, animals, or used items to get from place to place. Fleas and ticks will latch onto our skin or hide along the snug parts of our clothing to hitch a ride back to where we live so they can keep feeding on us. To make matters worse, plenty of other factors can attract these biting pests to your yard or the areas surrounding your property.

No one should brush off their risk of a flea or tick infestation. Here are a few of the common factors that can lead to flea or tick problems around your Scituate property:

  • Tall Grasses & Overgrowth: Unkempt yards and trees can encourage pests like ticks to come near, clinging to this overgrown vegetation while waiting for something with a pulse to brush past.
  • Other Pests: One of the reasons that other kinds of pests are problematic is that they can introduce parasites onto your property. Animals like raccoons and rodents are capable of carrying ticks and fleas.
  • Used Items: Bringing home used furniture, clothing, or other items that these pests could hide in can put you at risk. You should always check these items before bringing them inside your house or storing them out in your yard or patio areas.

At Combat Pest Control, we'll assist you in addressing these factors with helpful inspections that identify areas of risk. We also provide treatments for tick removal and yard pest prevention.

If you have fleas in your house or ticks in your yard, you need to get professional assistance right away. Contact Combat Pest Control to have your pest problems solved quickly.

How Do I Get Rid Of Mice In My Scituate House?

Pesky rodents have been plaguing homeowners since the dawn of civilization. These intrusive pests know that they can find cozy hiding spots and easy access to food and water inside our homes. For this reason, rodent control is all about taking early prevention steps, not just reacting to an infestation once you start noticing the sounds or odors that rodents produce.

While general upkeep like proper food and trash storage and decluttering your storage areas can certainly help, the only guaranteed form of rodent control comes from the professionals. At Combat Pest Control, we inspect homes for early signs of mice or factors that might attract them. With our monitoring and preventative services, we can ensure rodents never manage to slip inside.

If rodents have already become a problem in your house and you want to know how to get rid of mice, turn to the experts at Combat Pest Control today. Get a free estimate today!

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