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Pest Spotlight: Earwigs In Plymouth


Earwigs are a common problem in Plymouth homes. They are one of the most difficult pest infestations to identify. Earwigs tend to avoid coming out in the daytime and nest in dark, quiet, sheltered places where they are hard to discover. Earwigs can be considered a nuisance pest that is not overly dangerous to humans, but earwig infestations can also cause other problems. Earwigs can have negative interactions with children and pets and can resort to using their large pincers if they feel threatened.

If you need pest control in Plymouth, Combat Pest Control can help. Our seasoned professionals know how to get rid of earwigs.

Earwig Identification Guide

Earwigs are dark brown in color and reach up to approximately three-quarters of an inch long. They have six legs and two medium-length antennae on their heads. Their most identifying feature by far is the large pincers they have on the back of their bodies. These pincers are comparatively huge for their size, and although earwigs are not aggressive they can use these pincers to deliver painful pinches when threatened or harassed.

If you have an earwig infestation in your Plymouth home, Combat Pest Control can help you get rid of it. Drop us a line today to explore how we can help you with earwigs or any other pest infestation.

The Issues Untreated Earwig Infestations Can Cause

Earwigs are not aggressive toward humans, and earwig bites are nothing that you will ever have to worry about. Earwigs are not venomous, nor do they damage the structure of your home like termites and carpenter ants do. That doesn’t make an earwig infestation safe, however. Given that earwigs like dark, moist areas, they can potentially track bacteria into hour home. Earwigs are omnivorous, and advanced infestations can cause extensive damage to gardens and landscaping. Earwig infestations grow quickly, and over time earwig populations will multiply.

If you need pest control for earwigs, contact Combat Pest Control. We have advanced experience in dealing with all pest infestations, and we can help you with earwigs.

Simple Yet Effective Earwig Prevention Tips

One of the most important aspects of earwig control is preventing them from coming in the first place.

Here are some simple ways to decrease the chances that earwigs pay a visit to your home:

  • Eliminate water sources: Earwigs are highly attracted to areas that are constantly wet or moist; eliminating leaks both inside and outside your home can discourage earwigs.

  • Clean up ground clutter in your yard: Getting rid of clutter can discourage earwigs from coming and staying on your property.

  • Seal your home: Earwigs and other pests are small and can exploit openings in your home. Sealing your home well can discourage earwigs and other pests from coming inside.

  • Reduce outside lights at night: Many pests, including earwigs, are drawn to outside lights at night. Reducing or eliminating the number of lights you use at night can help decrease your chances of having to deal with earwigs.

If you need help managing earwigs, Combat Pest Control is the company to call. We have a history of great customer satisfaction and we want to help you get rid of earwigs in your Plymouth home.

The Key To Effective Earwig Control In Plymouth

If you’ve discovered earwigs on your property don’t try to go it alone. DIY pest control methods do not work well with earwigs. They do not respond well to bait traps and they live in out-of-the-way areas that are not easily addressable by contact products. Earwigs also do not tend to come out of their habitat areas, instead remaining close to the areas that are suitable for them. Reach out to Combat Pest Control today for help and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Plymouth. We know how to get rid of earwigs, and we can help you get rid of yours.

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