Fall’s Cool Temperatures Lure Pests Indoors: How To Get Spiders, Mice & Other Problem Animals Out Of Your Home Safely

Cellar spiders hanging from ceiling

Animals are driven by instinct to seek out warm, dry, safe places to be during the winter months. This can lead to you having spiders, mice, and other problem creatures inside your home. The best way to prevent pests in through our pest control services in Plymouth.

Now, if you’re a kind-hearted person, you may be tempted just to ignore these animals and trust them to go away on their own once warmer temperatures return. There are a few problems with this plan. The first is that pests animals generally don’t leave on their own. Your home is a wonderful nest site for all kinds of wildlife – after all, you keep it warm, and there’s a kitchen full of food!

The second reason that you don’t want to learn to live with animals is that many pests carry diseases. These diseases can be harmful to you, your family, and even your pets. There are literally hundreds of examples, but one common one from the history books is how rats were involved in spreading the Black Plague. That one disease outbreak killed over a third of Europe’s population.

Finally, this is especially true if the pests you’re seeing in your home are ants or mice, is that animals reproduce at an astonishing rate. Carpenter ants will carve elaborate chambers into the walls of your home to have enough space to raise thousands of new baby carpenter ants. The damage can be so bad that the home becomes structurally unsound. And the common field mouse, so sweet with the tiny ears and tail? One mama field mouse can have more than 30 babies in a year – and then her babies begin having babies of their own. It doesn’t take long for the house to fill up with mice that way.

So if you decide that maybe yes, you should get the problem animals out of the house, but you don’t want to do it yourself, the next move is to call in Combat Pest Control for our home pest control or commercial pest control services in Plymouth. They’ll take care of everything, using family and pet-safe products, so you don’t have to worry. They may even be able to help you take steps to prevent problem animals from coming in next fall.

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