When Is A Pest Problem Too Serious To Handle On Your Own?

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“We’re new homeowners,” Jamie said, “and we’re rapidly discovering that there’s a lot involved in taking care of a house. The latest problem? We have ants in the house. They’re on the kitchen counters. They’re strolling down the hallway. One morning I pulled the shower curtain back, and there were like sixty ants there, all having a little party. My question is: is this a situation I can handle on my own, or am I supposed to find pest control services in Plymouth?”

When Is A Pest Problem Too Serious To Handle On Your Own?

While most homeowners have no problem squishing a few ants or setting the occasional mousetrap, there is a time when it’s the right time to call in professional home pest control. Here are the signs you want to call for help:

You’re Seeing Large Numbers Of Pest Animals

Any time you see one or two pest animals, you can be confident that there are more in your house. In the instance of ants, small scouting parties are sent out to discover new places for the ant colony to live. At this time, you may be able to control the problem using best practices. But if you’re seeing large numbers of pest animals – more than three mice or hundreds of ants – it’s definitely time to call the exterminators. The issue has already progressed beyond what the typical homeowner will be able to resolve on their own successfully.

Someone In The Household Is Immune Compromised Or Medically Fragile

One of the main reasons pests are problems is because they carry so many dangerous diseases. Mice, for example, carry hantavirus – a potentially deadly disease spread by rodent droppings. Hantavirus can kill a healthy person. It’s even more dangerous for someone with other medical issues. When you’ve got a reason to worry about someone’s health, you can’t tolerate a pest presence in your home. Call your local ant & insect pest control right away.

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