3 Dangerous Spring Time Pests You Definitely Don’t Want In Your Home

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Head’s up, Brockton homeowners! Spring is here, and that means it’s time for three local dangerous pests to start becoming more active. These creatures are on the search for food, a place to nest, and the opportunity to raise the next generation – and they hope to find all three inside your home. Here’s what to watch for:


You may be surprised to find mosquitoes on the top of a dangerous pest list, but the truth is these tiny insects are responsible for more deaths each year than any other animal on the planet. Seriously – more than a million people each year lose their lives due to mosquito-borne diseases. If you have significant numbers of mosquitoes on your property or in your home, you’ll want to have your Brockton pest control remove the population right away. This will greatly reduce the chances of you or any of your loved ones being exposed to West Nile Disease, Zika, Malaria, or other serious illness.


Massachusetts is home to at least four different types of ants, several of which can damage your home. Carpenter ants are perhaps the most well-known and feared because they literally eat the wooden structure of your home to feed, nest, and breed. Odorous house ants have their name because they stink when you squash them. People with sensitive noses vastly prefer not to have the scent of rotten coconut in their homes and call us for professional ant control whenever they see ants in their houses.


While there are many types of spiders in MA, only two are known to be harmful to people. The Northern Black Widow has venom that’s dangerous for people and pets. Brown Recluse spiders are not native to MA but have a habit of riding along in cardboard shipping boxes to new locations. If you spot either one in your home, call your Brockton pest control company right away.

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