How Do Pests Get Into The House?

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“I could understand if we lived way out in the country somewhere,” Macy said. “But this part of Cape Cod is actually pretty developed. Lots of pavement. Lots of buildings. So where do all these ants and mice and wildland creatures come from – and how do they keep getting into my house?”

Understanding Where Pests Come From

The creatures we call pests – ants, termites, mice, rats, and more – all have a preferred natural habitat. If there were no houses around, for example, there would still be termites in the area. They’d just be living in rotting tree stumps and dead logs. Now people and creatures are sharing the same region, and interactions happen. Termites don’t know that your house is important to you. They just know it’s delicious and has plenty of space for thousands of termites to be together. And that’s when termites become pests.

How Do Pests Get Into The House

As pest control experts in Plymouth, we know we startle a lot of customers when we walk around the outside of their homes – after all, aren’t the bugs in the house the problem? But we examine your home’s foundation, walls, and windows for a specific reason. We’re identifying the vulnerabilities in your home that allow pests to get in.

Most pests are very small. A house mouse can weigh less than half an ounce and be only just two inches long. This means they can take advantage of the tiniest cracks, holes, or other damage to your home to get indoors. Effective pest control requires identifying and eliminating these points of entry.

There are other ways pests can get into the home. If you’re in the habit of leaving the garage door open, for example, you can see pest intrusion happening there. Bed bugs are notorious for traveling on clothing, upholstered furniture, and mattresses. The key to keeping your home pest-free is mindful vigilance. Be aware of what you’re bringing into your home, including potted plants and garden produce.

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