How To Get Bees Out Of Your House

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For Lynette, the very first clue something was wrong was a strange sound in her laundry room. “I honestly thought there was something wrong with the washer or dryer,” she said. “I’d go in there, and even though nothing was running, there was this steady low hum that hadn’t been there before.”

Afraid that there might be a risk of fire, the South Shore homeowner called in an electrician to check things out. “He was the nicest man,” she said, “but he couldn’t find anything wrong with my wiring. He told me, I can’t help you. I think you need an exterminator. There’s something alive in your wall.”

“Well, that freaked me out completely,” Lynette said. “So I called the Plymouth pest control company, and they came over right away. They were very concerned and professional. They looked over the laundry room from the inside, and then outside. Do you know what the problem was? Bees had built a nest in my house.”

Lynette hadn’t examined her laundry room from outside, so she hadn’t seen the steady stream of bees flying up to her house and crawling under the vinyl siding. This is one of the common signs bees have established a nest in the house. You may also see bees swarming on the outside of your house. This may look terrifying, but swarming bees are much more interested in finding a new home and not particularly interested in bothering you. What you need to do at this point is call for Plymouth bee removal and stand back.

“It was amazing,” Lynette said. “In practically no time at all, the team came in, removed the bees, and put back the siding they’d had to remove to get the nesting site eliminated. It was fast, simple, easy, and best of all, that humming noise in my laundry room is gone for good!”

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