Powderpost Beetle Identification & Prevention

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Defeating Powderpost Beetles

Quick action and professional powderpost beetle treatment are necessary to stop these pests from damaging the wooden portions of your Long Island area property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Powderpost Beetles

What are powderpost beetles?

Powderpost beetles are small wood-destroying insects that grow less than a quarter-inch in length. They are recognizable by their flat cylindrical bodies, reddish-brown to black color, and wings with pit-like rows for a hardened shell appearance. Powderpost beetles have multiple life stages and grow from eggs to larvae, then pupae to adults.

Powderpost beetle larvae burrow themselves into wood, transitioning into pupae and feeding on the wood. Next, adults bore out of the wood, leaving a fine powdery dust behind that earns them their name. Powderpost beetle damage is easily recognized by this dust and the small pinpoint holes they leave behind.

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Are powderpost beetles dangerous?

While a powderpost beetle infestation won’t result in disease transmission or bites and stings to humans that encounter them, they are still dangerous to deal with. Powderpost beetles are extremely small. They can easily infiltrate the wood around your property. When an infestation is left to grow unchecked, the larvae, pupae, and adult versions of these pests will burrow into wood, hollowing it out and weakening it. Over time, your risk of structural damage increases, as do the chances that you will need to make costly repairs to the wooden structures around your property. 

Why do I have a powderpost beetle problem?

In most cases, powderpost beetle problems occur after the introduction of these pests onto your property via a piece of wood. This occurrence is especially common if you store lumber around your property or are building new structures. It’s important to check for signs of powderpost beetles before moving wood onto your property.

Where will I find powderpost beetles?

Powderpost beetles are most commonly in dried hardwoods. They may be along the trunks and bark of trees outdoors, in woodpiles, or infesting wood and lumber used for construction purposes.

How do I get rid of powderpost beetles?

The best way to get rid of powderpost beetles is to contact Combat Pest Control for expert powderpost beetle control. Our pest control technicians offer best-in-class services for Plymouth area properties and will remove all traces of these damaging pests. Contact us today to learn how we help you reduce powderpost beetles on your property or to request a free estimate.

How can I prevent powderpost beetles in the future?

Prevent powderpost beetles in the future by following our expert tips below to make your property less hospitable to these pests.

  • Make sure that you inspect every piece of wood that enters your property and the wood used to create new structures; wood should be varnished or finished and completely dry, as high moisture conditions encourage powderpost beetle infestations.
  • Store all wood products in elevated areas away from barns, sheds, or other outbuildings, and ensure that you always use new, finished wood when replacing structural joints on your property.
  • Address moisture issues on your property that contribute to water-damaged wood or humid conditions that may encourage powderpost beetles to invade.
  • Consider using dehumidifiers and make sure that all areas around your property have proper ventilation.
  • Reduce soil-to-wood contact around your property, as this helps to control moisture levels in wood and ensures that wood doesn’t become water-logged.

Contact Combat Pest Control today if you have more concerns about powderpost beetle prevention or if you need assistance removing an infestation of these pests from your property.

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